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Shapewear: How to use and benefits
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Hello Girls, If you are looking for a thin waist, a shapewear is a great option for those who want to hide the extra fat and get a more contoured silhouette in tighter clothes.

The shapewear compress the entire abdominal region around the waist, helping to shape and reduce its size with proper use. Its main function is to help define curves and lose weight.

If you want to know the best plus size shapewear, and more ,continue on this post that has wonderful tips.

The shapewear are part of many women’s wardrobes. It combines with many styles of clothing and can help you in those situations where the clothes are tighter showing what we don’t want to be so apparent. They have several sizes and can help with all biotypes.

The shapewear shapes the silhouette and should not be tightened, therefore, the use of the appropriate elastic is of paramount importance as well as the correct number for your body. It cannot cause you discomfort.

There are several shapewear models, and they have an action on the body region where it is being used.

The body shaping strap is a shaper for the classic body. The structure is similar to that of a swimsuit with thicker fabric, which compresses the skin. It can have bulge to model and support the breasts, giving more prominence to the neckline.

The best bodysuit shapewear models and disguises measurements of the belly, legs, waists, they do not let cellulite be in evidence when wearing tighter clothes. And the case of thicker thighs, avoids friction between them.

The shapewear in addition to all the benefits already mentioned also help in posture, it is great to be used in post surgery too.


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7 Respostas para "Shapewear: How to use and benefits"

  1. Chovendo Risos disse:

    Durante um tempo eu cheguei a usar um modelar só de barriga, e ele ajudou a modelas minha cintura.
    Só que quem for usar tem que cuidado para não usar algo muito apertado para não sofrer e não usar por mais de 8 horas por dias

  2. Olá, tudo bem? Vou admitir que não sou muito de usar esse tipo de peça de roupa, mas depois de ver alguns dos benefícios, fiquei tentada a pelo menos comprar um para testar. Bom que tem diversos modelos e escolhas né? Adorei a postagem!

  3. Alice Martins disse:

    Olá Vany, tudo bem?

    Eu estou louca para comprar alguns modeladores e já amei todas essas opções que trouxe. Cintas são sempre ótimas, principalmente para usar com algumas roupas específicas. Adorei o post!


  4. Cristina disse:

    Menina que modeladores maravilhosos, preciso de um desse para usar com roupas mais justas

  5. Meu sonho comprar alguns modelos pra mim. Vou até deixar a loja salva pra quem sabe mais pra frente adquirir uma com eles.

  6. Joana Darc disse:

    Eu gostei da dica 🙂 essas cintas são maravilhosas

  7. Andrea disse:

    Desconhecia todos os benefícios do shapewear, bem interessante os modelos apresentados no post.